Who is Duane Clark?   (https://www.facebook.com/duane.clark.92 - this Facebook profile was closed due to violations of Facebook's Community Standards).
Due to his sickness, Duane couldn't stay away from trolling so he's created a new Facebook profile:  https://www.facebook.com/duane.clark.754 - so he can go back to attacking and harassing; children, women, Mothers, the disabled, the sick, the elderly, our U.S. Veterans and our military members.
NOTE:  The trolls go to United's Facebook page every single day with 3 objectives:

  • 1st is to make sure that anyone who has any problem or issue with United knows that's it THEIR fault and not UA.  
  • 2nd, to try and diminish the criticism by belittling, insulting, mocking or ridiculing the person to either make them go away or to devalue the person to lessen the sting of the criticism.
  • And 3rd is to justify ANYTHING as long as it make UA look good.  

Duane Clark has become an expert, a specialist at Objective #2.
Using Facebook's search feature gave us the information I'm including below.
A Facebook search found what looks to be an old Duane Clark Facebook profile that says he worked at American Airlines.
This might explain why there was a big write up about Duane's trolling on the American Airline's Facebook page in an article titled:  "American Airlines Employee Revealed in AA Facebook Wall Customer Complaints" which you can find here:
This article also goes into great detail about Duane attacking and harassing the disabled and those serving in the military... the same thing he does on United's Facebook page.
A Facebook search found 3 pictures of Duane Clark taken 3 years ago this month.
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Duane Clark is 1 of many United Airlines sanctioned trolls that spends every day trolling United's Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/United - attacking and/or harassing anyone that complains about or criticizes United.

Scroll down to read more about Duane or click here to see the latest person to catch Duane in yet another lie.
As a United Airlines sanctioned troll, Duane's only purpose on United's Facebook page is to defend the airline anyway possible, including "intentionally" lying, deceiving and misleading people... something he does very well every single day.

While I'm used to seeing Duane tell 1 lie after another every single day, others that may be new to United's Facebook page haven't caught on to Duane's act.  So I've included below an example of Duane not only getting caught in a lie but the person produced the proof to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Duane was in fact lying... AGAIN!