COUNTLESS people have emailed me or sent me Facebook (FB) private messages and have asked me a couple basic questions; WHY have you only gone after United Airlines (UA), WHY do you do this and WHAT started your fight with the United Airline’s “fans” a.k.a. the brown-nosers/fanatics/trolls (trolls).
This page will try and answer those questions and other questions people have asked me since I started this web site.

WHY have you only gone after United Airlines?

This question is pretty simple… mainly it’s personal and that’s because of the way UA employees at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) mistreated me, disrespected me and singled me out for their amusement due to my disability.  And my disability is related to injuries I sustained in a car accident after being hit by a drunk driver who was traveling 70 M.P.H. when he hit me.  Unfortunately I'm unable to say more about the mistreatment because of a settlement agreement.

And secondly it has to do with the fact that UA’s Social Media Team allowed trolls to unmercifully crucify a disabled U.S. Veteran on its FB page last year and then allowed these same trolls to also unmercifully crucify me when I came to the defense of the disabled Veteran (I’ll go into more details further down the page).  I’ve also taken issue with the way these trolls have hijacked UA’s FB page to personally attack ANYONE who has had ANYTHING negative to say about UA.  And when I say the trolls attack ANYONE, I’m talking about; women, children, the sick, the elderly, the disabled, disabled U.S. Veterans, U.S. Veterans/military members and/or their families… ANYONE!  

And having already faced abuse because of my disability I know how hurtful words can be when people intentionally attack you just to disparage you… to make you feel like dirt… to make you feel worthless and to watch these trolls go after those that may be vulnerable just for their amusement has been hard to take.  And I blame UA for allowing this culture of abuse to continue year after year after year.

WHY do you do this?

If you’re asking why I've taken on the trolls on UA's FB page then it’s to bring their deviant behavior out into the open and for the world to see in the hopes that it will gradually cut down on the abuse of women, children, the sick, the elderly, the disabled, disabled U.S. Veterans, U.S. Veterans/military members and/or their families.  In the past this abuse would disappear down the FB page as more people added posts and comments and before long it all but disappeared and the trolls didn’t have to worry about accountability for the abuse they inflicted on others.  That is until I started displaying this abuse on my web site and then suddenly they couldn’t count on it disappearing out of view.

To me it sickening watching these trolls; demean, degrade, humiliate, belittle, insult, mock, ridicule, disrespect our women, children, the sick, the elderly, the disabled, disabled U.S. Veterans, U.S. Veterans/military members and/or their families.  Most of these people are already dealing with problems or issues caused by UA who only came to UA’s FB page to complain, to criticize, to vent, to blame or to try and get answers reference their problems or issues.  But then to be subjected to an onslaught of condescending, belittling, insulting, degrading and humiliating comments from the trolls is just too much.

And yes, I’ve had over a dozen people (mostly the trolls) say that I’ve gone over the top in this… crusade… this battle… but all I have to do is go back and read some of the hundreds of emails, FB private messages and tweets thanking me for what I’m doing and for exposing these trolls for whom they really are and that’s enough for me.  

WHAT started your fight with the United Airline’s “fans” a.k.a. the brown-nosers/fanatics/trolls?

Last July (2012) I heard about UA employees at IAD mistreating a disabled Veteran by the name of Jim Stanek and his service dog Sarge and making fun of Mr. Stanek who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) after 3 tours in Iraq by asking him if he was "retarded." 

After watching Mr. Stanek's 18 minute YouTube video describing his ordeal at IAD I was PISSED and I couldn't believe this behavior by UA employees was still continuing... especially against a disabled Veteran and his service dog.

Like hundreds of other people I took to UA's FB page to voice my disgust, my anger and my concerns over the mistreatment of Mr. Stanek and Sarge by UA employees at the very same airport I had problems at.  And the trolls were NOT happy to see hundreds of us on “their” FB page criticizing/condemning UA on their appalling treatment of Mr. Stanek and Sarge.
When Mr. Stanek's YouTube video went viral the trolls went after him the only way they could… by demanding proof.  I guess they expected Mr. Stanek, while dealing with his PTSD AND his TBI and under tremendous stress to somehow have the presence of mine to record the events he referenced in his YouTube video.  Or maybe the trolls expected Mr. Stanek to stroll into an airport’s security center and stroll right out with the videos of the events.  When proof wasn’t forthcoming the trolls attacked (I guess the trolls conveniently overlooked the fact that an investigation was taking place so nothing was going to be forthcoming immediately… like they had any right to ask… these were trolls… not reporters).  So no video…then it didn’t happen… thus making the trolls VERY angry that hundreds of people upset over UA mistreatment of Mr. Stanek had laid sieged to “their” FB page.  So how did the UA trolls fight back against this siege… they tore into Mr. Stanek unmercifully, a disabled U.S. Veteran, calling him a liar, a fraud, a nutcase and many other disgusting terms.  And not only was I pissed at the trolls for their careless disrespect for Mr. Stanek but also at UA for allowing them to crucify a disabled Veteran suffering from PTSD and TBI on their FB page for the world to see.

I mean, the way these trolls savagely went after Mr. Stanek... a U.S. Veteran who had done 3 tours in Iraq and had fought for the same rights these trolls were using to unmercifully crucify him.  And not only did that piss me off but it also greatly upset me knowing how I felt after my incident with UA employees at IAD.  And please know that these trolls didn’t just go after Mr. Stanek but also ANYONE that attempted to defend Mr. Stanek.

So, I spoke up saying that this wasn't an isolated incident and that I had experienced the same type of disgusting behavior from UA employees at the very same airport... minus a service dog.  The trolls... yes the trolls... demanded proof of what had happened to me and when I explained that I was prevented from doing so because of a settlement agreement the UA trolls then tore into me as unmercifully as they did Mr. Stanek.  But... since I was easily accessible through FB I received dozens of private messages from these trolls with language that was so disgusting, so revolting, so vile and evil that I was beyond shocked, beyond stunned.   And that disgust over the FB private messages by the trolls was magnified when UA allowed these trolls to say some pretty hideous things on their FB page about me.  You can see examples of how vile these trolls can be in their FB private messages on my UA Trolls & HATE SPEECH web page.

WHY do you believe it’s your job to go after the trolls?

Well, I’d say that I’ve personally felt the humiliation, pain and anguish of being mistreated by UA and THEN being unmercifully attacked by these trolls and subjected to some of the most vile, vicious and appalling language that I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.  And when you’ve been mistreated by UA and then attacked by these trolls you can either take it or you can fight back and I’ve never been one to back down from a fight.  And that’s something that was strengthened in me during my difficult fight to recover from the accident that changed my life.

I never asked for this fight… I never asked to be grossly mistreated by UA but still both happened to me.  I could have allowed UA to mistreat me and not done anything about it but that’s not how I was brought up so I held them accountable for their conduct and I won.  I could have allowed these trolls to unmercifully attack me when I came to the defense of a disabled U.S. Veteran who was also unmercifully attacked by these trolls after also being grossly mistreated by UA but I decided to fight back… to also hold them accountable for their conduct.  But what I didn’t count on was that these trolls had hijacked UA’s FB page for their own AND had the backing of UA allowing them to say almost anything they wanted to without fear of repercussions for their actions. 

As I said, this wasn’t something that I asked for and it was something that once I started this fight to bring these troll’s deviant behavior out into the open for the world to see that I wasn’t just going to fold when things got difficult.  And believe me things have been real difficult and real nasty at times.  For example, these trolls are ALLOWED (and at times I believe encouraged by UA’s Social Media Team) to use UA’s FB page to call me names, ridicule my disability, use the catchphrase of the month to describe me or attempt to slander my name in the hopes of diminishing me or the web site… which is not easy to take.  But I now realize it’s done out of anger, for purposes of revenge, to try and discredit me and/or to make them feel good so it doesn’t really bother me as much as it once did.

I mean, I’ve been subjected to homophobic slurs and hate speech (see my UA Trolls & HATE SPEECH web page), threats and extortion (see my Extortion & Threats web page) and have had some real nasty lies and accusations thrown at me regarding things I’ve never said or done from a troll by the name of George Jeston whose real name is Pat Hicok (the same troll who tried to threaten and extort me).

On a side note, there is 1 troll that stands out from the others and that’s – Edward Gee – and that’s because of the way he seems to put some people off with his seemingly brass attitude.  And I’m talking about people who haven’t experienced someone with that type of attitude before and/or experienced having trolls jump into their business (generally newbies to UA’s FB page).  When I get emails or FB private messages about Mr. Gee a lot of them refer to him as; holier-than-thou, sanctimonious, smug, superior, pompous and 1 person even described him as narcissistic.  And that’s how some people see him and with some of his comments I would have to agree because at times that’s how he comes off.  But there’s a darker side to Mr. Gee that has bothered me and others and that’s his need to label me as a way to discredit me and/or my web site.  Mr. Gee does this by taking my physical disability from the car accident and trying to convince people that I have a psychological disability.  Mr. Gee does this knowing that the myths, fears and stereotypes people have concerning people with psychological disabilities will somehow brand me with a label he hopes will get people to discount anything I say or write.  And this need of his to label me has gotten people to contact me to tell me about his latest rant on UA’s FB page and/or his latest diagnoses for me.  And that need of his to try and diagnose me has gotten a handful of us to jokingly refer to him as a quack doctor (see below) for his seemingly unique ability to place his hand on his computer monitor and diagnose me from thousands of miles away.  I don’t know how many times someone has emailed me or sent me a FB private message to let me know that “Dr.” Gee has come up with a “new” diagnoses for me and was so kind as to broadcast it on FB.  And while some have encouraged me to sue him for libel and I've had 2 attorneys agree that what he has done amounts to libel… knowing Mr. Gee as I do (over the last year of doing battle with him) he would make this a very nasty and a very personal fight.  And with Mr. Gee being given a public platform (UA’s FB page) to which to wage a nasty and personal fight is just something I’m not up to at the moment… but I haven’t ruled it out.

Unfortunately these trolls have the backing of UA so they can pretty much call me anything they want to and UA has never taken any action to stop them, to censor them, to ban them… nothing… and that’s been really hard to swallow.  So… the more they try and tear me down the more I’m willing to stick this out to continue to bring their deviant behavior out into the open for the world to see.  And hopefully 1 day they will discontinue this daily abuse of those that have ANYTHING negative to say about UA (either through a negative post or comment), those who have ANY criticism of UA OR those whose subject matter is something these trolls deem is not worthy of a discussion.
When my friends and I jokingly referred to Edward Gee as a quack doctor we were doing so using this web definition a friend of mine had come across:

quack doctor
Web definitions

Quackery is the promotion of unproven or fraudulent medical practices. Random House Dictionary describes a "quack" as a "fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill" or "a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, or qualifications he or she does not ...

The definition seemed kind of fitting seeing as how someone thousands of miles from me who had never met me could somehow magically diagnose me knowing nothing about me other than what I've revealed on this website.  

Anyway... the other day I received an anonymous email to this website with the subject heading:  
"Edward Gee really is a quack doctor"
The email stated that Mr. Gee really was a doctor... a Veterinarian and that some time ago a friend of Mr. Gee came upon him attending to an injured duck out in a marsh and started jokingly referring to him as the "Quack Doctor."  The person who sent me the anonymous email had Googled - "Edward Gee" "quack doctor" - and had found this page and wanted to send me some pictures they thought I would enjoy.  The pictures which are posted below are supposedly pictures the friend who came across Mr. Gee attending to an injured duck sent him as a joke.  Personally I just found them too funny not to add to this page considering I had also jokingly referred to Mr. Gee as a "quack doctor" though in a completely different way than the friend who came upon Mr. Gee helping an injured duck.

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