• FORBES - America's Best Airlines:  ("The last place finisher, fourteenth-ranked United Airlines, came in well below average in all four measured criteria; 77.4% on-time arrivals, 1.83 denied boardings per 1,000 passengers, 3.87 mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers, and 4.24 customer complaints per 1,000 passengers.")

  • Flight diverted after family raises concerns over PG-13 inflight movie - April 4, 2013 (this incident raises two grave issues.  First, the abuse of power by the Captain of flight 638.  We understand that airline captains can and should have complete authority.  However, when this authority is used for senseless, vindictive acts, it must be addressed.   Second, and of even greater concern is United's decision to inflict upon minors grossly inappropriate cinematic content, without parents or guardians having the ability to opt out.)

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NOTE: the 18 minute video in this article was originally posted to YouTube and detailed the abuse Mr. Stanek and his service dog Sarge endured at the hands of United Airlines.

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While this list is in alphabetical order, you can clearly see that United’s 2012 score is more than double that of the 2nd worst score.
Look below this article to see the June 2013  American Customer Service Index for Airlines.

About ACSI.
The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) is an independent national benchmark of customer satisfaction with the quality of products and services available to household consumers in the United States.
United Airlines goes after the web site owner of UNTIED.COM with 2 SLAPP lawsuits.

What is a SLAPP lawsuit? 
http://www.trademark-education.com/SLAPP.html )

SLAPP is an acronym that stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.  A SLAPP is a lawsuit or a threat of lawsuit to intimidate and silence criticism by overwhelming the critic with legal work and fees until the criticism is given up. Generally a SLAPP refers to a lawsuit filed in response to a person speaking out.
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