In the NBC News article below, United Airlines made statements to NBC that have now been proven to be LIES.

In 2012 when United Airlines "lost" a 10-year-old girl traveling to summer camp using United’s Unaccompanied Minor Service, its Facebook page was deluged with negative commentary.  The airline was accused of deleting some comments, but it told NBC News that it doesn’t censor its page, and only removes comments that violate its terms.

United Airlines was accused of deleting comments in the wake of the "lost" 10-year-old incident, but it flatly denied the accusation to NBC News.

United spokesman Joe Micucci repeated the firm's non-censorship policy:
"We do not delete comments unless they contain profanity, are hostile in nature or mention an employee’s name in full," he said.

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As I mentioned above, it has now been proven that United LIED to NBC News and does in fact censor its Facebook page deleting negative posts AND comments as they see fit.

The latest examples of United engaging in censorship centers around 2 events that have brought a lot of negative posts and comments to United’s Facebook page:

  • and United Airlines decision to screw it passengers next year with major changes to their MileagePlus Award & Upgrade Changes effective February 1, 2014, that will result in MAJOR DEVALUATION.

In the case of the Greyhound that was nearly killed it has brought extra scrutiny to United’s PetSafe program and focused attention on the many cases of pet deaths, mistreatment and abuse that have taken place since the summer of 2012.  The pet mishaps and the details surrounding the Greyhound have upset pet owners from around the world and brought them to United’s Facebook page to express their frustration and anger.
Upset pet owners have also created Facebook posts and comments demanding to know what steps if any United plans on implementing in order to prevent additional pet deaths, abuse and mistreatment.  And unfortunately United’s silence regarding this matter has further upset pet owners who believe the airline is not taking these matters seriously thus creating additional frustration and anger.

Instead of United dealing with the negative posts and comments regarding the 2 aforementioned events by explaining their actions or decisions they decided instead to deal with it by censoring their Facebook page and deleting the negative information which has also further frustrated, upset and angered people.

Below are examples of the very censorship which United declared to NBC News that they DON’T engage in.  These examples are from November 2013.

Click here to see United’s social media team censoring my attempts to help their passengers as I try to provide them links to helpful information and other resource material that may help these passengers get a resolution to their problem or issue.

Click here to see examples of United Airline's censorship undertakings/activities including censoring a post reference a disabled child (how low can you go...).

Click here to see examples of United Airline's censorship that includes UA censoring stories of them screwing over a 90-year-old American Veteran who was flying to be a part of the annual remembrance ceremony at Pearl Harbor.

Click here to see NEW examples of United Airline's censorship which took place in May 2014.  This time around United's social media team censored and deleted factual information some of which is even listed on United's own website.  The person who sent me some of the screenshots says the social media team was censoring and deleting factual information daily and he said it happened to him about a dozen times.

New Entries
New Entries - December 2013
United actually censored a comment that talked about United "censoring their facebook page."  How crazy is that?  And on top of that Ms. Dye contacted me and told me that after United censored her and deleted her comments they banned her from their Facebook page.  
This is censorship OVERKILL which begs the question... what is United scared of?????

If United spent as much time protecting our pets and not screwing over our American Veterans, our American heroes as they do censoring their Facebook page to try and protect their imagine then they wouldn't have to worry about bouncing from 1 PR disaster to another.
So... did United censor this comment because:

A.they didn't want the passenger to be able to contact the refund department directly
B.they didn’t want the passenger to have contact information for United’s headquarters
C.they didn’t want the passenger being reminded to file a formal complaint with United
D.all the above

I’m leaning toward answer D.

You can tell the guilt of a company when they go against normal business practices and start censoring people and content.