The purpose of my United Airline’s Brown-Nosers/Fanatics/Trolls web page was to bring attention to the attacks and harassment inflicted on United Airlines passengers who have a complaint, criticism, problem and/or issue with the airline by those trolling UA’s Facebook page.  

United’s Facebook page should be a place for people to talk about UA, for passengers with problems or issues to get help and/or information, for passengers to have a place to lodge complaints (or to vent if needed), or to express their gratitude for a good flight or the outstanding work of a UA employee.
In MY opinion United’s Facebook page should NOT be home to a bunch of brown-nosers/fanatics/trolls who seem to revel in striking out at ANYONE who has ANY problem, issue, complaint, disagreement… etc., with the airline.  

But now there's a new sicker element that has emerged and that’s the use of HATE SPEECH, some in the form of HOMOPHOBIC SLURS that's now been used by 2 of the brown-nosers/fanatics/trolls and which has been directed at myself and a couple other people that have publicly spoken out against the trolls.
Now that there’s attention being focused on the conduct of the UA brown-nosers/fanatics/trolls, 2 of them are fighting back by sending out Facebook private messages containing HATE SPEECH, some in the form of HOMOPHOBIC SLURS to those questioning their behavior on UA's FB page.
The 2 trolls involved in this deplorable, disgraceful and appalling conduct are Michele Martin and Ryan Burnett.  Ryan is now hiding behind the FAKE name and profile of Glenn Morrison

With a number of people having now received private messages containing HATE SPEECH and HOMOPHOBIC SLURS, I'm now going to bring this deviant behavior and those responsible for it out into the open for the world to see.  I'm hoping that by exposing Michele and Ryan and their hateful behavior that it will stop them from continuing this discriminatory and hateful speech.

Just because someone speaks out about the brown-nosers/fanatics/trolls unacceptable conduct and their attacks and/or harassment of UA passengers on UA's FB page is no reason for that person to be subjected to HATE SPEECH and HOMOPHOBIC SLURS.
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I deleted Chris Bronson's personal stuff that didn't have anything to do with this web page so that's why this area is blank.
I added this screenshot to show that despite Ryan Burnett's constant claims that he has a "right" to "attack" people like me and Mr. Bronson because we  continue to contact him when told to stop... please note that Mr. Bronson DIDN'T continue the conversation AFTER Mr. Burnett said: "Stop contacting me."

And while Ryan Burnett may contact me screaming that my last statement was a lie because he told Mr. Bronson in his 2nd to last comment: "Anyways, stop contacting me."... look at the time stamps.  It's kind of hard to honor someone's request when you BOTH send a message at the same time.
I deleted Chris Bronson's personal stuff that didn't have anything to do with this web page so that's why this area is blank.
Hate Speech
Just Disgusting
After I exposed Ryan's behavior by displaying his homophobic slurs and his hate speech he stopped his trolling on United's Facebook page and seemed to vanish for a couple months.  But after receiving an anonymous email regarding Ryan I had a computer geek do a little detective work and we have determined that Ryan has resumed his trolling on United's Facebook page using a different name... GLENN MORRISON with 2 fake profiles. 
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To see the hate speech and the homophobic slurs from Michele Martin and Ryan Burnett, just click on their name in blue below to be take to their section of this page.

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Ryan Burnett (REAL NAME) ( 
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This is 1 of the comments by Reed Benedict that mentions receiving  
"discriminatory homophobic messages" from Michele Martin.
This is another comment by Reed Benedict regarding messages sent to him by Michele Martin.  In this comment he mentions among other things that  "I have discriminatory private messages from her that are beyond homophobic and evil."
These are a few of the 15-20 messages I exchanged with Reed Benedict and it shows 1 of the messages sent to Mr. Benedict by Michele Martin that he forwarded on to me.  

Mr. Benedict said that of all the messages he received from Ms. Martin, this was the only one that he was willing to share with me because he said the others were beyond evil, were extremely homophobic in nature and content and contained nasty homophobic slurs.
Can anybody tell me what type of woman tells a stranger:

"Anyway, go fuck yourself, or your mom, I don't care which."