Look where Duane Clark went to attack a Mother.
This is the post of a Mother complaining to United about a computer glitch that made it seem like her teenage son went missing during his flight and led her to panic.  Even though she was upset and worried, she was also attacked and harassed by the trolls.
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July 24, 2014 - I've been inundated with complaints about the trolls attacking and harassing Mothers on United's Facebook page on Wednesday, July 23, 2014.

The subject the Mothers were bringing forward was in reference to a United Airlines flight attendant who told a breastfeeding Mother to cover up on her flight from Miami to California the week before.  United failed to respond to the Mother so she wanted to share her mistreatment on a blog and it quickly went public.  This brought Mothers to United's Facebook page to voice their concerns about this incident and the silence coming from United on this issue.
As this was a subject the trolls didn't want discussed on UA's FB page, they decided to attack and harass all Mothers that made posts in support of breastfeeding Mothers.

While most complaints were about troll Duane Clark, there were other trolls who joined in on attacking and harassing Mothers, specifically Stephen Haas, Dianne Edwards and Professor Christian Itin from MSU of Denver (hiding behind the fake profile of Ted Rexman while going after these Mothers).  While there were about a dozen posts on the subject of breastfeeding where the trolls went after the Mothers posting them, I've included a few of those posts below to show what the trolls were doing throughout the day.
And on the same day I have a post from a Mother complaining to United about a computer glitch that made it seem like her teenage son went missing during his flight. This Mother was also attacked and harassed by the trolls. 

And the people complaining about Duane Clark (who they called uncaring, insensitive, cold and heartless) wanted to know who this person is that is hiding behind a profile picture of an object OR a picture of a troll (an accurate portrayal of who and what Duane is).  
Click here to see photos of the real Duane Clark.
Airline and TSA Breastfeeding Policies and Rules
Airline and TSA Breastfeeding Policies and Rules
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NOTE:  the profiles below with the name of Ted Rexman are FAKE profiles.  The person hiding behind these FAKE profiles while he trolls United's Facebook page is Professor Christian Itin from MSU of Denver (see the page - The United Airlines Facebook Trolls - for more info on Mr. Itin).
​NEW ENTRY - 1/9/15:  Troll Stan Andersen ATTACKING and HARASSING a Mother and her 18-month-old baby (click on the Troll's name to see the new entry).
United Airlines defender/troll Stan Andersen